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MVE has been used as an intervention tool in New Zealand since 2011 to enable gamblers to self-exclude from multiple venues without having to visit each individual site. Since 2003, the Gambling Act in New Zealand has allowed a person to self exclude from a gambling venue. This means that once the exclusion process is initiated, it is an offence for a gambler to enter the gambling area of the venue from where they are excluded, and for a venue operator to allow an excluded gambler to enter their gambling area. If breaches of an exclusion order occur, the penalty for venue manager, or person acting on their behalf, is a maximum fine of $5,000. For breach by the gambler, there is a fine of up to $500 (Section 312, Gambling Act 2003). MVE in New Zealand is a relatively new system and one that has evolved gradually from a regional programme to a nationally administered programme. An MVE is generally initiated by a problem gambling service provider on behalf of a client who has opted to self-exclude from the gambling venues of their choice. 

Current MVE Regions

Multi Venue Exclusion

New National Exclusions Database: CONCERN

The Ministry of Health has contracted Torutek Limited to supply an electronic database software product, CONCERN, to assist the gambling sector with management of gambler venue exclusions (including multi-venue exclusion) processes, as defined by the Gambling Act 2003.  CONCERN is a cloud-based database with a web portal that will enable all interested parties to electronically manage the exclusion process from a common source of data. Click for further information.

Service Providers

Wherever you are in the country, free help and support is never far away. As well as the nationwide Gambling Helpline, there is probably a gambling support service near you. Together you can put strategies in place to get things on track.


Class 4 Gambling is defined by DIA as:
Any activity that involves the use of a gaming machine outside a casino. May be run only by a corporate society and only to raise money for authorised purposes. Authorised purposes include charities, community organisations, arts, cultural, clubs, sports, and health.

MVE Coordinators

Role Of MVE Coordinator:
Become a central point of contact for local MVE issues. Work with clients and/or counsellors to ensure all MVE documentation is correctly completed. Email MVE documentation to the Administrator to process.

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