National Exclusion Database

The Ministry of Health has contracted Torutek Limited to supply an electronic database software product, CONCERN, to assist the gambling sector with management of gambler venue exclusions (including multi-venue exclusion) processes, as defined by the Gambling Act 2003.  CONCERN is a cloud-based database with a web portal that will enable all interested parties to electronically manage the exclusion process from a common source of data.      

The National MVE Administration Service (NAS), delivered by The Salvation Army (TSA) under contract to the Ministry of Health, will work with Torutek to administer the CONCERN database.

National Exclusion Process Flow:


Is it a requirement to have a 3rd party system (rg: COMS POI) to access the CONCERN database?
The CONCERN database can be accessed through the webportal, which is free for all venues and societies. There is no need for any specific hardware for this. Just a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone will do.

Can societies approve exclusion orders on behalf of the venue?
The process flow for CONCERN has been built based on the gambling legislation, which states that any exclusion request should be approved by the venue manager or the person acting on behalf.

How secure is the CONCERN database?
The CONCERN database has undergone independent security testing as per the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Cloud Computing Security and Privacy requirements. It also complies with Ministry HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework.

Can the CONCERN database interface with 3rd party systems (eg: FRT)?
The database allows 3rd party integration through the use of computer industry standard Application Program Interface (API) protocols.

Concern – Operation Manuals

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