MVE Process

Step 1.

Provider Facilitated Multi Venue Exclusion (s310)

Gambler assisted by PMGH Provider in exclusion process. Counsellor (Provider) assesses suitability of exclusion for client and provides client with information. Exclusion option of Provider Facilitated Exclusion (MVE) agreed by Client and counsellor.

Step 2.

MVE process discussed, Request for Self-Exclusion (MVE) and Venue Identifications Forms and photo completed. Counsellor (Provider) emails MVE Request to Regional MVE Coordinator for review, prior to processing i.e. Completeness and quality of photo. Coordinator may need to follow up on any issues with counsellors before emailing on.

Regional MVE Coordinator emails National MVE Administrator the MVE Request, Venue Identification Forms and photo for processing

Step 3.

National MVE Administrator enters the exclusion details onto the National Exclusion database (CONCERN). On completion of the entry process an email notifiication goes out to the respective venues requesting approval of the exclusion request. A summary notification is also sent to the respective societies.

Step 4.

The Venue Manager to log into CONCERN promptly to approve the the exclusion request. Upon approval a system genereted exclusion order is emailed out to the National MVE Administration Service.If required the venues manager is able to print a copy of the order and the photo page for documentation purpose. 

Step 5.

If the client had inidcated for the exclusion orders to be returned to them by email/post the National MVE Administrator will combine all the orders and have it emailed /posted out to the address provided on the form.

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